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Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time for photography lately as we’ve just moved interstate. I was fortunate enough to stumbled across a waterfall on the drive up, however, by the name of Hickeys Falls. The falls, if you can call them that (the flow was fairly minimal) are located 42 km south-west of Coonabarabran on the Oxley Highway in NE NSW. The setting looked quite nice when we pulled up in the late afternoon light and I think with a stronger flow this spot could be quite photogenic.

Hickeys Falls

Unfortunately, the falls aren’t nestled in a rainforest like a lot of others (they’re a 30 second walk from a rest stop on the side of the highway), so you will have the sky sitting above the top of the falls doing it’s best to blow out the top of the shot most of the time. I did a bit of exposure blending with this one, but ended up cropping most of the sky out in the end anyway.


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The one thing I love about photography is the randomness of it all. Whether a shot is a winner or just ends up gathering dust on your hard drive is often determined by a number of different factors that are out of your control. Sure you can get yourself out there at the right time of day, but you have no control over the weather, how the clouds will look or in the case below, where the sheep that were grazing the field would be located when I was clicking the shutter.

After the Rain

As it happens, I actually did have a little part to play in them being there. If you’ve been around sheep before you’ll know they scatter with fright as soon as they notice humans are in the vicinity. When I pulled up on the side of the road to take this shot (the tree had caught my eye), they did just that. Thankfully they decided to reposition themselves in just the right spot to top this photo off. Had they decided to move a bit closer to the tree I’m not sure this shot would have had the same effect. Fortunately, they did their part and I came away with one winner out of about 40 shots that I reeled off in an attempt to compose something as the sun went down.

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